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save food

Fresh food is safe food

Save Foods

Auryon Industries brings you Save Foods.

Save Foods is an agri-food tech company dedicated to reducing food waste and improving food safety. Our green and eco-friendly crop protection treatments are effective at extending the shelf life of produce and ensuring it is safe to eat.

Our products can be applied in a wide range of settings from field to fork:

  • pre-harvest
  • near-harvest
  • post-harvest including packing houses, distribution centres and food retailers

“We received very good feedback from the head buyer of a leading food retailer in the US, saying that our limes treated with Save Foods had an extended shelf life of at least 5 days. They have increased the volume we are supplying them by 25%… we are moving the rest of our packing houses to Save Foods’ product.” – SiCarFarms Lime Producer, Mexico

Save Foods’ unique blend of edible food acids is used as an adjuvant to peracetic (peroxyacetic) acid (PAA) based products. Save Foods products improve PAA’s efficiency and efficacy in reducing microbial spoilage and food safety issues.

Proven excellent efficacy

  • Significant improvement of the performance of PAA-based products (by
    providing optimal conditions for it to work)
  • Extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Prolongs freshness of fresh produce
  • Helps to prevent cross-contamination
  • Allows reduction in the use of classic fungicides
  • Shiny and better-looking fruit and vegetables
  • Eliminates pungent odour of PAA

Wide range of uses

  • No residues of toxicological concern
  • All ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe by the FDA) and exempt from the requirement of a residue tolerance (no MRLs required)
  • Fast and seamless implementation
  • 2-year shelf life of the treatment


  • 50% less waste at the retail level (on average)

Save Foods’ treatment significantly improves shelf life:

  • No pesticide residues
  • Protects against premature spoilage
  • Ensures food safety
  • Prevents cross-contamination


  • 50% less pesticides residues
  • 70% less penicillin decay

Save Foods’ treatment shows efficient control of one of the main postharvest-diseases, and synergy with Imazalil resulting in low concentration of Imazalil residues while improving its efficacy and reducing waste (decay).


  • 50% reduction in delay

21 days shelf life at retail level –  an extension of 5 days


  • 60% less decay

 Three times as many avocados stay fresh with Save Foods’ treatment.
Avocados stay fresh twice as long when treated with Save Foods’ fog.


  • 50% less waste
  • 80% less residues

Mangoes stay fresh in cold storage for 23 days and has 5-day shelf life at retail level.

Bell peppers

  • 50% less penicillium delay

Mangoes stay fresh in cold storage for 23 days and has 5-day shelf life at retail level.


  • 85% less waste

Five times as many strawberries stayed fresh when treated with Save Foods.

Strawberries stay fresh in cold storage for 13 days and has a 2-day shelf life at retail level.


Stays fresh for 30 days in cold storage.

Adds 7 days to the shelf life at retail level.

Treatment reduces decay (waste) in both “organic” (no fungicides) and conventional settings.

Treatment also exhibits good synergy with conventional fungicide, resulting in lower fungicide-concentration and less residues on the treated fruits while maintaining great shelf life and reducing waste.