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Transparency in costing
and results.

Our services

The difference we make.

Transparency in costing and results. We use the “cost per treated ton” model. This way, you don’t pay separately for chemicals, machines, fogging equipment, etc. but for a single agreed cost per treated ton. We ensure adequate product application and optimal results while remaining transparent about the treatment cost. We link this cost directly to results.


Protect fresh fruit and vegetables

We protect fresh fruit and vegetables from microbial spoilage and foodborne pathogens.

Our treatments, a combination of technology and oxidisers, protect fresh fruit and vegetables from microbial spoilage and foodborne pathogens responsible for decay and can cause foodborne illnesses.


No harmful residues

Our treatments leave no harmful residues on the produce nor in the environment and maintains product freshness over time. This allows our product to be implemented several times over your supply chain, for instance – in the field, at the packhouse, and even after the overseas transport and before repacking.


From field to fork

Our solutions can be applied at all stages – from field to fork. Our product portfolio includes sanitizers as well as bespoke dosing and monitoring systems that are provided to clients at no additional cost.


No special equipment

With no need for additional steps or highly specialised equipment, our products are easy to implement and come in versatile applications suitable to the different stakeholders along the supply chain – from fogging, to field sprays and dipping baths we can integrate easily with your operation


Local results


Global results

Make a lasting positive impact on communities and economies throughout Africa.​
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