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Ambient: Fresh Produce Treatment

Ambient is a breakthrough fresh produce treatment featuring our unique formulation. When added to a low-concentration oxidising agent, this combination of naturally occurring acids triggers a highly effective reaction that eliminates food-borne pathogens. Experience the power of natural chemistry for safer, healthier produce.

Close-up biologist spraying potted flowers with nutritional fertilizes in a plant nursery.

Oryx: Food-Safe Natural Sanitizer

Oryx is our food-safe, natural sanitiser designed for food processing facilities. Based on a unique acid combination, it has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness against various pathogens. Ideal for Cleaning In Place (CIP) applications, meat and fresh produce disinfection, and other uses within a food environment. Elevate your sanitation standards with Oryx.


Bloom+: Home Garden Treatment

Bloom+ is our dedicated treatment for the home garden. Whether you’re cultivating pleasure plants or food plants, the home garden faces similar challenges to commercial farms but with fewer resources. Bloom+ is a plant booster that tackles various pathogens in an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and poison-free way. It is now available for purchase at selected retailers nationally.

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