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financial modelling

Determine the effect of your project decisions in real-time.

Financial modelling

Determine the effect of your project decisions in real-time and give lenders maximum comfort.

Auryon brings capital intensive projects to life. We offer financial advisory, modelling and audit solutions across all industries and sectors, including transport, utilities, renewable energy, conventional oil & gas, mining, metals, and other infrastructure.

Whilst complexity differs across sectors, industries, and geographies, you can use our financial modelling and audit services to perform ‘what-if’ analysis, optimise capital structures, guide investment decisions, and design performance metrics and asset valuation and scenario analysis.

We work with our clients to bring bespoke, best practise financial models to life in an intuitive way. Our services aim to alleviate the burden of financial management on projects for various stakeholders, from project developers, sponsors, and owners to funders and development funding institutions.

Overview of our financial modelling services:

Transaction Support

We support project sponsors and investors on prospective ventures, including:

  • Primary bid transaction models
  • Refinancing and restructuring models
  • Infrastructure transactions
  • Estimation models for equity purchases and sales
Operational Support

We help clients monitor the full life-cycle performance of projects for project-financed assets with a precise end date, either through a single SPV basis or where a project consists of multiple assets or SPVS.

The model is based on the principal logic of the financial close model and can include more functionality.  

From the analysis and measurement of projects in a corporate environment to creating a company-wide financial model to predict financial performance and potential impact on share price, our models have assisted CFOs in planning for future working capital scenarios, debt requirements and financial performance of divisions.  

Corporate Support

Access to capital at favourable terms when you need it is critical to business success. Our corporate finance models are tailored to your corporate finance debt structures and associated reporting requirements. 

Project Finance Models

We understand that no two projects are the same and that project development can be a long, expensive process. With so many interdependent elements that affect project viability, you need to know quickly if the project makes financial sense. You also need a thorough understanding of your project’s risk level to ensure bankability. 

Our financial models allow for these risks to be quantified easily, which makes the structuring process simpler and further provides for fact-based, quick lender negotiations. 

Financial Model Auditing

As part of your development process, with so many tasks to attend to, you sometimes find you can’t look at every single element in your project. We give you that peace of mind through auditing the financial models (not prepared by us) in cooperation with various Tier-1 accounting firms. We review models from a logic (excel-based review including VBA), accounting and tax and can provide a formal independent opinion as part of bid/lender requirements. 

Taking an agile approach gives our clients the ability to efficiently perform scenario analysis and planning before making critical decisions for their projects' success.

We solve real-world problems.

Our focus is on originating, structuring, and closing transactions in sectors critical to economic growth.