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We are Auryon.

Auryon Industries manufactures and markets green chemicals in South Africa, the economic gateway to Africa.

Auryon: Committed to Quality with ISO 9001:2015 Certification

We reduce the amount of food wasted.

The world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion people by 2050, boosting agricultural demand by some 50%. Globally, around 664 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are lost every year from field to fork. Plus, almost 1 in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food.

Providing healthy and safe food is one of the biggest challenges we face today.

Auryon Industries specialises in sustainable chemistry, chemistry that helps our society make more with the same or fewer resources Our green solutions improve food safety and extends the shelf life of fresh produce. By controlling human and plant pathogens, we help growers, packers, and food retailers to reduce food waste and increase revenue.

More food ends up on plates and less in landfills.

The difference we make

Our business model – transparency in costing and results

We apply “cost per treated ton” model, meaning our clients don’t pay separately for chemicals, machines, fogging equipment etc. but rather a single agreed cost per treated ton. In this way we can ensure adequate application of our treatment protocol and optimal results while giving our clients transparency as to their real costs and ability to link this cost directly to results.

Global trial & test results

South Africa

The impending ban of certain hazardous chemicals-based materials in Europe means that fresh produce exporters must find alternative solutions to maintain volumes, revenue, and market share in key jurisdictions.

Auryon offers an innovative, patented mix of organic acids that provides better protection, reduces decay and spoilage, and extends shelf life. And above all, it is compliant with EU regulations

This solution is already applied widely in the US, Mexico, and Israel with remarkable results. We have held extensive trials in South Africa on blueberries, avocado, citrus, strawberries, and other products. Packers have also significantly reduced the use of hazardous chemicals and fungicides and saved on overall treatment costs.

Other countries

Our products have been robustly tested, with great results, in other countries with climates that differ vastly from South Africa.

Save Foods and Auryon Industries

Save Foods and Auryon Industries bring innovative, fresh produce treatment solutions to African farmers.

Save Foods Inc and Auryon announced their cooperation agreement to provide African farmers with Save Food’s natural, green solution that drastically improves fresh produce safety and shelf life. This will replace the various hazardous chemicals often used in the Agri industry.

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