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Transparency in costing
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Our impact

More Food, Less Waste, Healthier Lives

With our solutions, more food is on plates and less in landfills. And fewer harmful chemicals end up in our bodies, meaning fewer chronic diseases.

Join us on our journey towards a sustainable and healthy future. Discover how Auryon Industries is making a difference in the world of agriculture.


Changing Our Food Landscape

The current treatment of our food involves a myriad of chemicals that, while regulated, pose significant health risks. Auryon Industries challenges this status quo, advocating a shift towards safer alternatives.


No Harmful Residues 

Imagine an alternative to fungicides that delivers all the benefits without harmful chemicals. Our treatments leave no harmful residues, allowing for multiple applications across the supply chain – from the field to the packhouse and beyond.


Keeping It Simple

Our products are designed for seamless integration into various supply chain stages. From fogging to field sprays and dipping baths, our solutions are easy to implement and cater to different supply chain structures.


Saving Resources

Through our products, producers can save resources. Extend, our treatment control system, maintains the correct treatment level in water baths, ensuring pathogen-free water for longer durations. This not only promotes sustainability but also enhances food safety.


Local results


Global results

Make a lasting positive impact on communities and economies throughout Africa.​
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FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-535-5053 within North America or +1-352-323-3500 domestically or internationally (Infotrac® 24/7 hotline) – Account number 115120

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